Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer 2013 Playlist

Wilton, CT

I've been making a somewhat futile attempt to expand my musical tastes, especially in terms of international artists. These songs have made their way into a continual rotation in my car, on my iPhone, and on Spotify. All are destined to be part of my summer experience.

  • Lorde, Royals - Sparse music. Throaty vocals echoing from a girl who sounds three times her age. Catchy. Utterly perfect.
  • C2C, Down the Road - What starts off as a dusty 1930's blues riff becomes a psychologically twisted and remixed explosion of beats, orchestral hits, and vinyl scratches.
  • Passenger, Let Her Go - This passive and melodic tune has a certain melancholy that soars in direct opposition to the limited strength of the vocals. It works well.
  • Labrinth, Beneath Your Beautiful - A duet, which builds toward an amazing crescendo. A mix of soul, R&B and singer/songwriter heartfelt pleading.
  • Sleeping with Sirens, Feel - Punk and uptempo with lead male vocals that stretch into alto-ish territory. 
  • The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, Around the Bend - Love, love, love the horn section. It makes the song.
  • Bastille, Pompeii - The echoing male chants establish the foundation of this British band's techno-bedded masterpiece.

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